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The new trending color Tiger Eye is ideal for you

The new trending color Tiger Eye is ideal for you
The new trending color Tiger Eye is ideal for you

The coloration of highlights and lowlights for dark and brown hair.

If your hair is dark brown the new trend Tiger Eye is for you; give it brightness with golden shades, browns or bright ochres so that your mane looks spectacular vibrant!

In the past you have had to settle for coloring techniques that were designed for people with lighter hair (like babylights or bronde,) not anymore; until now the ‘tiger eye’ illuminations have become the new addiction of dark-haired females that fill their posts in social networks with sensational blows of mane with sublime golden and brown reflections. A very beautiful trend.

This new type of wicks comes inspired by nature, specifically a semi precious stone called tiger eye. This dark stone used for many centuries to protect its owner is crossed by golden, amber and brown stripes that give it a spectacular luminosity; the same effect that those colors will give your dark hair.

To have this effect of light to measure for your dark hair you must make you highlights in a caramel  color or gold,so that they stand out perfectly on your natural color. By the application of ultra-lightening tones or a very subtle controlled bleaching without exaggeration in the procedure and times of hair clarification.

A special detail in the application of this technique with which you will get a very natural effect without having to tweak your roots every now and then or frequently your strands should be with a separation of one or two centimeters of the root of the hair.

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