Hair care during summer time

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Hair care in Summer

Hair care in Summer

The Sun is an agent that in excess is harmful to our skin, likewise, for our hair in summer time. Other things such as chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt can dry it out, making it brittle and lifeless. A very obvious signs that can open the ends in hairpins but have a solution.

It is essential that your hair is very clean before exposing yourself to the sun, free of oiliness as sweat, fats, gels or fixers deteriorate the scalp and hair fiber after exposure to the sun. It is a good technique and habit of beauty, take care of your hair with a previous wash before going to the beach leaving it wet with fresh water so that the hair does not absorb the salt of the sea. The use of hats, caps or visors is an alternative so that the sun’s rays do not compromise the color or be assaulted by the dryness of the high temperatures.


Hair care in Summer


Styling products such as foams or gels should not be applied because they alter color when under the sun. We must moisturize it with nutritious masks and let them act at least three minutes twice a week. It is also very helpful to avoid picking up the very tight tails due to breakage by chlorine or salt water.


Hair care in Summer


During the summer dare to change your look, go to your nearest Armandeus hair salon to make a BOB cut that is raging this summer, remove the damaged tips and renew your image with a totally healthy hair. Give a uniform color of full and luminous coverage and after the summer add light with highlights or balayage to give much more enhancement to your new style.


Hair care in Summer


Nutrition can also be complemented in the salon by the expert who recommends that it is the most appropriate for your hair. You can reinforce at home with natural elements such as avocado or avocado, olive oils and almonds. The latter should not be exposed to the sun. They should only be applied at home for one hour and washed with nutritious shampoo to add moisture to the fibers of your hair.



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Fashion show with Chic by Iris at Salon Armandeus Doral

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Fashion show with Chic by Iris at Salon Armandeus Doral

Fashion show with Chic by Iris at Salon Armandeus Doral


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