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With more than 29 years in the beauty industry, with a unique and innovative style, always as a European vanguard, its founders making emphasis on hair care- have successfully achieved an international position of their brand ARMANDEUS. This is why, besides the 5 beauty parlors in Caracas, Venezuela, 1 Panama, 1 Costa Rica, ARMANDEUS can also be found in Florida, USA, specifically at El Doral, Brickell and Sunny Isles  with the intention of growing in both countries, as well as in other countries who oversee the development and evolution of fashion.

The ARMANDEUS salons are characterized by the excellent quality of its products, its stylist’s professionalism, and the warm and friendly customer service, which to date, add up to more than 30.000 registered clients.

Throughout all these years, the ARMANDEUS brand has participated in a great variety of events, including the Miss Venezuela pageant, fashion shows by famous designers, fashion shows by fashionable magazines like Vogue, not to mention important characterizations in films and international novels.

In the ARMANDEUS family, our aim is to form professional stylists so they achieve a successful career in accordance with the latest tendencies of fashion and technology. Therefore, they are annually present at International Conventions such as: “cosmoprof of Italy,” “comoprof of China,” worldwide events of hairdressing salons in Brazil, London and obviously, the inter coiffure of Paris.