Loreal Pro Fiber review by Michael

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There are many fabulous haircare treatments I recommend, in the following I will describe some of them depending on what results you want to get.

One of our favorite is PROFIBER, which is a long lasting care treatment, to instant damage  repair, for all levels of damage.

These are some of the shampoos and masques we use:

There is REVIVE for slightly damaged hair, RESTORE for damaged hair, and RECOVER for very damaged hair.

These kind of products are some of the wide types of brands we have and they have gotten so many benefits for hair, it gives a lot of moisture, and it is good to use them twice per week to give hair all the components it needs, always diagnosing which type of hair we will be working with.

With these products we will see immediate results, you will notice a radiant and healthy hair.

Pro Fiber review by Michael