Bed Head for Men Lumberjack Pack

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BedHead For Men Lumberjack Pack is an essential kit for any mustache or beard man.


  • BedHead for Men Mo Rider Mustache Crafter – 1.05 oz
  • BedHead for Men Fuel Around Beard Oil – 1.69 oz
  • BedHead for Men Lion Tamer Beard and Hair Balm – 3.38 oz
  • FREE Beard Comb


Mo Rider Mustache Crafter

BedHead For Men Mo Rider Mustache Crafter shapes the mustache with a strong hold and subtle fragrance.

Fuel Around Beard Oil

Bed Head for Men Fuel Around Nourishing Beard Oil helps condition facial hair, helps moisturize and soften the beard, nourishes and reduces dryness of the skin.

Lion Tamer Beard and Hair Balm 

No need to buy two separate balms for your beard and hair when you have TIGI’s Bed Head For Men Lion Tamer Beard Balm. A balm created to tame not just your beard, but your hair as well. Designed with a light control to condition your hair. Will leave your beard and skin feeling nourished, refreshed, and soft.

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