Sanitation rules for the return of Armandeus hair salon

Sanitation rules for the return of Armandeus hair salon

Sanitation rules for the return of Armandeus hair salon

At salon armandeus we are taking all precautions for our clients during these moments.

What we are doing:

  • – We are disinfecting all spaces before and after each client
  • – We are wearing a mask and gloves
  • – The room is cleaned thoroughly every night before closing
  • – Work tools are being disinfected before and after each job
  • – Towels and robes are washed after each client
  • – We do not occupy more than 25% of capacity of people in the salon
  • – We work only with appointments 
  • – We have antibacterial points in the salon for your convenience

What we ask of our clients:

  • – Wear a mask and gloves if possible
  • – Do not come accompanied
  • – Arrive at the time of your appointment so that id does not delay work and not to accumulate people in the salon

If you have had any type of symptoms or feel bad, please re-schedule your appointment by phone.


Before and after result of Armandeus Bond hair treatment

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Before and after result of Armandeus Bond hair treatment

Before and after result of Armandeus Bond hair treatment


Drugstore vs. salon hair products

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Drugstore vs. salon hair products

Drugstore vs. salon hair products 

The constant debate between drugstore hair products and professional hair salon products has a built many questions to the consumers.

Are they worth the extra money?

Do they provide better results?

After doing a lot of research and studying the different products we have some answers.

What is the drugstore product, what does it contain and what effect does it have on the hair?

The hair products at drugstores are convenient because they are affordable, easy access, many variety and have a wide range of scents and colors that attract the consumer.

But what are they really made of? They typically contain many chemical products that take away our natural hair oil and leads hair to eventually dry out.

Although they contain some of the important ingredients that the professional hair products have, they have very little of them.

Drug store products can leave your hair looking very silky but it does not feel silky or even mean the hair is actually healthy within for this matter, that for a while after using the product the product does not let the hair produce of those important oils that make the hair stay healthy.

Why are salon hair products worth the price paying for?

The reason why salon hair products tend to be pricier is because they are highly concentrated with high-grade ingredients. They tend to have tons of vitamins, minerals and oils that truly nourish your hair from inside out. They also consiste of less fillers than the typical drugstore hair product, that prevents the max build up and instead hydrates from within the hair. Because the shampoo is much more concentrated you use less product and they end up lasting longer so in the long run the price between drugstore product and salon product end up being the same.

You will end up spending the same amount of money on both products.

The major difference between the products is the major benefits you get from using salon products because of the ingredients they are made with that are truly better for the health of your hair.

With that being said, here are some of the  hair products we offer at salon Armandeus and their benefits.

Armandues has its own 2 lines of professional hair products.

Armandeus sulfate free: 

Shampoo and conditioner have no Sodium chloride, paragon and sulfate, with all products made in the US ad very high in protein and minerals that nourish the hair.

Ideal for hairs with Keratin, plastic hair treatment or stem cells treatment. This product will help you maintain the treatment on the cuticle of the hair and nourish at the same time.

Armandeus Biotin Shampoo:

This shampoo is also sodium and sulfate free. It is based on vitamin B. Biotin helps you maintain healthy looking hair, helping to prevent them from looking brittle and dull and also brings healthier looking and thicker hair in line with your natural hair growth cycle.

Blue H: 

Analyses at Japan’s synchrotron radiation facility known as Spring-8 revealed astounding, never-before seen realities about damaged hair. SSVs (Stick-Shaped Voids) are hollow, tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair and which seem to contribute to loss of shine, split ends, and breakage. Blue H has all the ingredients to bring back the natural shine of the hair and deep condition the full hair.


Age-proof your hair. This advanced professional in-salon treatment utilizesinnovative CMADK (Carboxy Methyl Alanyl Disulfide Keratin) technology to repair and rejuvenate, immediately restoring the integrity of the hair. Use Plarmia Hairserum shampoo, treatment, and oil at home to
enjoy long lasting results.

In order to provide the best in class salon experience possible, our expert hairdressers/barbers at Armandeus Hair Salons use top range products never less.

We offer and sale products for hairdressers and they are the best professional hair products in the industry. Our products meet the needs of our stylists when creating personalized looks on the salon floor that leave our clients with a glamorous and fresh look every time.

STOP using Formaldehyde on you hair

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What is formaldehyde?

STOP using Formaldehyde on you hair

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many products.

Is one of those chemicals that you really need to know about.

Formaldehyde is used in the production of many hair products.


Part of the concern with keratin treatments revolve around one of the ingredients found in most traditional salon formulas:


Formaldehyde may cause cancer of the stomach, skin, nose and pharynx, and leukemia

Brazilian Blowout and several other leading brands of hair straightening products have been found to contain high levels of formaldehyde (up to 10%!) even when labeled “formaldehyde-free.”



What the Warning Letters Say About These Products

STOP using Formaldehyde now

FDA issues warning letters to notify firms or individuals that they have been found to be in violation of the laws FDA enforces.

A warning letter also tells what violations need to be corrected in order to comply with the law.

The warning letters issued by FDA address products that contain methylene glycol, which, when heated, releases formaldehyde into the air.

Because these products must be applied with heat, formaldehyde is released when people use them following directions on the label.

Both of these warning letters cite safety and labeling violations.

In addressing safety, the letters note that hair-smoothing products containing formaldehyde have been associated with reactions such as eye problems, nervous system problems (for example, headaches and dizziness), respiratory tract problems, nausea, chest pain, vomiting, and rash. Labeling violations include, for example, failure to warn consumers of potential health risks.


Regulation of Salon Safety

Workplace safety in general, including air quality issues, is regulated by OSHA.

Salons are also generally subject to state and local authorities, which may specify safety practices such as assuring proper ventilation. FDA does not have authority over the operation of salons or the practice of cosmetology.

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What to use

In addition we want costumers to get the best products in the market.

Thats why we use products like the Black Diva Developed with Oil of Baobá is rich in Vitamin A, E, F and is a powerful capillary moisturizer that fights free radicals. Read more

Also with have the Discovery the first keratin based on Stem Cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple.

Which is a rare species of swiss apple with a highly regenerative power that recovers damaged hair from the very first application and transforms it into perfectly straightened hair for up to 6 months.    Read more

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New ROSE Hair Treatment

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Repair Professional Treatment

  • Exclusive Salon Armandeus


Rose hair treatment repair and reconstruct. Powered by our innovative Dual-Repair Technology, this professional 4-step deep conditioning treatment is designed especially to strengthen and rebuild severely damaged, over-processed hair.

Results last up to 5 weeks.

No.1: DIPA preps the hair, ensuring the absorption of Steps 2-4

No.2: Hydrolyzed keratins repair hair from the inside out

No.3: Reconstructive complex targets extremely damaged areas of the hair

No.4 Cellulose seals the cuticle and locks in the treatment

No.5 Weekly Booster <Take-Home Pack>: SSVR-Silk™, CMADK™, and Cellulose refresh & prolong results

Use in conjunction with the Repair home care collection.

Rose Hair Treatment exclusive Salon Armandeus

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