Spring and Summer trends 2016

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Spring and Summer trends 2016

Hair cut trends for these seasons show naturalness with a great variety of options to satisfy the style and preference of each woman.

The haircuts for short hair are very similar to 2015 winter trends, the difference is that for this season the haircuts are very categorical. We mean super short and even bold headed.

The “Bob” is a classic of all styles, is slightly curved as in the 60’s with thick bangs.
For medium length hair, we recommend layers because it makes all kinds of hair look good such as straight and curly hair with a copper colors. For the long hair lovers the trend is classic haircut with the hair split in the middle or with bangs.

For the ones with curly or straight hair is better to go with layers to assure a great volume of hair.

Hair colors go from chocolate browns to natural blondes. A lot of women decide to go lighter taking advantage of sun reflection maybe with hazelnut tones or ash blondes or maybe with crazy colors that allows us to make radical changes. We will see blondes, light browns, blacks or red hairs. We also have fantasies colors between purples and pink or blue locks of hair.

The great star for this season is to have the hair in layers no matter the length because it really satisfies all kinds of women’s needs for a stylish and glamorous haircut.

In reference to updos, the trends are to make them with a messy style with rebel hair locks. For the lovers of neat and discipline hair updos we bet for a wet look, we just need to polish the hair and have it all back keeping it under control with hair gel and hair clips.

The braids are still in this season but the “boxer style” that are made from the root of the hair and are a sporty look.

Pony tails are made low with a soft style wrapped with a ribbon cloth, another option but less trendy is to wear a high tale with the hair brushed back and neat.

Regarding makeup, blue turquoise summer tones, light blue and blue for eye shadows are coming back for this season. It does not only apply for eye shadows but also for eyeliners. Black is still trending in eyeliners to make a strong look, for which it is very important choose a good product to use.

Very colored lips are still trending in every tone and texture, you can use matte or shinny depending on your eye makeup. The coolest tone is prune and the softer is nude.

In the skin the trend is to wear a nude look, with satin or transparent foundations, very well moisturized skins and beige tones makeup.

By: Mary Priore