The Bridal Party Is Also Part Of The Wedding

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It can sound like an everyday word but mentioning the word wedding also involves the word bride on top of everything. She is the heartbeat of that special moment in the life of a couple that is unifying as one, achieving their wedding bows dreams. But also, the bridal party, the entourage of companions like the godmother, bridesmaids and ring bearer are also part of the wedding.  They also must look their best, including their hair and makeup that will make them stand out.

Therefore, we emphasize in showing you only the best wedding hairstyle options. As a result of our experience, we are also able to provide you the best options for your bridal party. We want to point out that specialists in this field insist that not all the bridesmaids must look the same. In reality, it should be the complete opposite of this. They all have a different face shape and may suit different dress and neckline styles. Therefore, their hairstyles should be different.

The best hairstyles for your bridal party are:

  • Decorated braids: This is very recommended for outdoor or daytime The hair must be long, and it can be finished with flowers or any other decorative element that might suit their style.
  • Half braid with hair down: It is very important to make sure that the division between the braid and the rest of the hair doesn’t show. The idea is to straighten and then braid the
  • Simple updo: The hair can be divided in half, twist each side and hold it with a hair tie in the middle. The remaining ponytail should be lifted and place just in the middle area.
  • Elegant bun: This represents a more elegant touch for nighttime weddings. Twist the ends of the hair and make sure to make a strong ponytail.
  • Side hairstyle: Very youthful look. Divide the hair into two sections and one half should be hold with a hair tie. Then, take the strands from the opposite side and twist it on top of the hair tie to cover it. Finally, add a bun or a headpiece that stands out.

Some options for the ring bearers or flower girls:

  • Braids: French style, crown braids, headband braids, half up-half down braids or hair down with a sided braid.
  • High ponytail
  • Half down curls or low ponytail with curls
  • Messy ballerina buns with bobby pins


Hairstyles for the godmother:

Experts point out that the hairstyle must be elegant, sophisticated and original, without copying the bride’s hairstyle.

We recommend: Braids, Buns, half up-half down or hair down with waves.

With this formula, wedding and bridal party with be ideal, a true bridal dream.

Certainly, a wedding is the biggest event of any bride and her bridal party. Therefore, you must make sure to get advising from Armandeus so your bridal party looks like a dream on the day of your wedding.

And remember, Armandeus has the best services for brides and their bridal parties.

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Dream Wedding

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For most known cultures, a wedding signifies a singular moment that is very important for a couple, especially for the bride. For this reason, preparations like the hairstyle, dress, arrangements, decorations, looking radiant and beautiful, it’s all focused on her. Perhaps we can agree (without putting down the groom) that the wedding is all about the bride, that is why the bride becomes the center of attention at the time to say: “I Do!”. And for that reason, one thing that stands out from other elements is to show a dreamlike hairstyle and for this we present you 11 tips for that important moment in your life, your wedding. We focused on the aspects of face types and dress, which according to Armandeus experts, are relevant resources we need in order to achieve that wanted look for the day of your wedding.


Face and hairstyle for the bride:

  • Round face: It is a face type in which the jawbone is wide and round shaped making the weight rest on the cheeks, forming a beautiful full moon face. Most recommended hairstyles are: High updos and half updo hairstyles that will make your face to look longer. The hair strands should fall on the face but never on the chin area. This will make your face to look more oval-shaped and the focus will be on your beautiful eyes and mouth.
  • Oval shaped face: Congrats! It is said that this is the ideal face shape for a bride because any hairstyle will suit it fine, so you can just wear your hair down, make an updo or even a hairstyle with braids. You will look great.
  • Square shaped face: These are faces in which the chin is as wide as the forehead. The most recommended for this case of sharp angles of a face, in order to make them look smoother, hairstyles full of romantic and delicate waves or with an undone effect will look great.
  • Rectangular shaped face: This is a type of face that look longer than wider. Some hairstyles you will look beautiful with are halfway, low or sided updos so you can alter your face’s vertical look. Never wear high updos because it will just enhance your face vertical look. Also, avoid center parted hairstyles. Try going with long bangs and if you have a lot of volume, style it to the sides.
  • Heart shaped or Inverted Triangle face: A wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and narrow chin are outstanding on this face shape. The best choice of hairstyles is a lower updo with fringes on the sides. This will make your forehead look narrower. You can also opt for a loose hairstyle or half updos. Avoid hairstyles with high volume on the side or that are center parted. Make your hairstyle in a way that it can enhance your cheeks and eyes.

Dress and Hairstyles for Brides   

  • Back Cleavage: This type of dress goes very well with braids, half updos, classic updos or more informal styles.
  • V Cleavage: For this type of dress, the most suitable styles are either high or down updos, half up half down updos, messy side braids, down do with volume and cascading waves hairstyles.
  • Strapless neckline: Romantic and sensual since it leaves the shoulders and arms uncovered. This is one of most brides’ favorite styles, also because it gives you the possibility to choose from many different hairstyles. Some experts like Paula Rocha recommend that down do’s with waves, high updos (but not stiff), half updos finished with some curls and long fringe.
  • Boat neckline: These are also very sensual since they leave the shoulders uncovered, but very discreet because they cover all the chest area. Some experts like Armando Benlolo from Armandeus recommend the classic updo and braids that fall on the back. Avoid high updos and the hair down.
  • High, closed or halter neckline: The most elegant of all, it is appropriate for brides who want to show a long and Slim neck. The most suitable hairstyles are buns, ponytails, high and lifted hairstyles.
  • Asymmetric neckline: For this style, one shoulder is uncovered, achieving asymmetry with a braid over the opposite shoulder, this also harmonizes with high updos.

Certainly, a wedding is the biggest event for any bride. So, make use of your preferences, take advantage of your physical attributes and get the best beauty advices at Armandeus so you can look dreamlike on the day of your wedding.

 And remember, Armandeus has the best services for brides and their bridal parties.

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