New Ice Botox Therapy

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Recover your damaged hair with our new treatment.


The Ice Botox is a hydro-nutritive and anti-aging which can revive the hair.

It bring shine and softness with exceptional nutritional virtues such as caviar oil
and provitamin B5.

From the 1st application. It penetrates the hair to repair the damaged areas,
moisturizes the hair fiber, making it more manageable and easier to blow dry,
the end result is incredible, the hair is soft, light and vibrant health.


Exclusive Salon Armandeus

Ice Botox

Stem cells hair treatment

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Stem cells hair treatment

Stem cells have become the trendy word for skin care and hair care, because of the high benefits in anti aging. These type come from Swiss valleys, due to the high concentration of stem cells, it has been discovered that they can stay fresh for months after they have been recollected. These stem cells Attribute properties of vitality, regeneration, and longevity that when are applied to the hair it nourishes and regenerates the capillary fiber from the inside and the result can be seen from the first day.

With the help of these types of Stem cells the capillary fiber maintain its biological characteristics from the protein chain that form and delay the aging of the hair.


It can be used in any hair type, bleached, dyed, Japanese hair straightening, virgin hair, etc. It lasts from 3-5 months, depending on the hair care after the process.

But be careful, not all of the products offered are reliable. I recommend do to this procedure at a professional hair salon. In all Salon Armandeus locations we have certified products and the entire hairstylist team are trained and certified to do this pressured.

Hope this explains a little about our new hair treatment, and hope to see you guys in one of our locations.

Mary Priore.