Tips For Hairstyling And Applying Makeup Like A Bride

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This is the most meaningful day for you, the bride. The world spins around you. The focus and the cameras converge around you. On the wedding ceremony, among the bridal party, the center of attention is always you. That is why you must always look radiant with a dreamlike hairstyle and makeup.

Some experts on the topic insist that despite many trends, the most appropriate thing to do is to choose a bride hairstyle that favors you and enhances your attributes. You just need to be yourself, adapt it to your facial features and that’s it. Your wedding day is your day, the day of wedding beauty. That is why we listed the best tips for wedding hairstyles and makeup:


  • Braids give a very pretty look, either on the side or on the back, a simple fishtail braid or even more elaborated. A long braid that delicately falls over the bride’s shoulder is simply an art that makes her look adorable.
  • High ponytails with high volume and perfectly polished finish make a great look too.
  • High buns are simple and elegant. This is celebrities’ favorite style. Why not wear it for your wedding? Your hair up all the way back will make your beauty and makeup to stand out.
  • Classic buns will never go out of style. High, low, on the side, you choose.
  • Lifted to your nape area, half up or all the way up. They are ideal for short or thin hair. Recogidos a la altura de la nuca, medios o altos.
  • Retro updo: Fabulous locks and curls stuck to the face.
  • Side fringe: It’s ideal for straight hair, goes well with side parted hair. Perfect for updos and hair down.
  • Romantic style: Goes well with half up – half down styles, waves and braids. You can achieve a natural, delicate and soft look. Perfect for your wedding day.
  • Hair down: It will never go out of style. This is the perfect option for brides who do not wish to wear their hair up.
  • Loops and knots hairstyles: Sophisticated and chic. Excellent alternative.


A wedding is a peak moment in your life as a bride and you wish to look fantastic. The best complement for your hairstyle must be your makeup. So, here are some tips you can have in mind:


Choose a tone that matches you skin color since this will balance the complete look of your face.


For a matte finish you can use translucent powders so you can reduce the shine of your face. Press the brush or applicator on the skin instead of spreading it.


The correct use of highlighter must be on the middle area of your forehead, nose and chin. Keeping in mind to always use an appropriate tone for your skin.


If you have a dark completion, it will go great with gold or bronze blushes. The paler the skin tone is, the softer the tone should be to almost match it to a pink tone.


For the lips you can wear nude, red or burgundy colors. It will depend on the bride’s choice. You can use matte or metallic finish lipsticks, even long wear type. You may exfoliate and hydrate your lips to make them look perfect.


The lead roles of the bride’s face are the eyes and the tones can range from warm tones to all the scales of orangish, reddish and smoky colors.


Pick your eyebrow shape according with your face shape and look for a tone that goes with your hair color

Certainly, a wedding is the biggest event for any bride. So, make use of your preferences, take advantage of your physical attributes and get the best beauty advices at Armandeus so you can look dreamlike on the day of your wedding.

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