Glass Blond more natural blondes without bleach

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Trends 2021 Spring-Summer
Glass Blond, more natural blondes without bleach

Beauty techniques
Beauty techniques in general are betting on much more natural procedures and results for the hair, the color trend called Glass Blonde was created by the famous stylist Ruslan Nuree.

It is based on a warm natural coloring in caramel tones with some bright coppery hints, it can also be done with brown tones, a whole scenography of a summer sunset.

This technique blends perfectly with all skin and hair tones, even curly or ethnic hair.

The Glass Blonde technique softens the features and gently illuminates the hair tone, being natural tones is ideal for summer and for those who dare to change hair color for the first time.

The intention in a subtle change is to give shine, light and vivacity to the hair, golden tones, dark blondes, browns and caramel shades. They stand out in any mane; even if you have dark or dark skin.

It’s a matter of choosing an expert colorist to accentuate strategic highlights without over-lightening using Balayage techniques or classic highlights or a discreet, subtle baby light without touching the base or root color.

Hair care with Glass Blond is simple as it is a rich natural shade, the hair fiber does not go through a long or strenuous lightening process, so a good color care shampoo and a nourishing mask will be enough to keep the color, softness and shine intact.

Less is more

When it comes to color, trends in hair beauty go for the natural, in order to preserve the integrity of the hair by providing color elements that stand out fused in a perfect set, however in all cases it is very important the opinion and advice of your expert colorist, go to your trusted stylist.

By Robinson de la Hoz