Goodbye to Queen Elizabeth

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70-year reign ends with death of Queen Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom bids farewell to its longest reigning monarch representing the monarchical state of the United Kingdom.

The British Royal Household confirmed today at 6:30 p.m. local time, through an official statement, the death of Elizabeth II, who had recently been in poor health after suffering from COVID from which she had recovered.

What stands out in Elizabeth II’s trajectory is her strong character. At the same time as her frugal and restrained behavior, Elizabeth was a woman ahead of her time, being accidentally the heir to the throne without being trained for the royal line of succession.

She is praised for her poise and firmness in international politics. Also her great efforts to keep the British monarchy afloat after the scandals of some members of the royal family.

We can point out of the deceased Queen, her elegance in all her public appearances where she always wore outfits full of classism and elegance typical of the English Royal House.

The Queen wore the most glamorous and spectacular jewels.

Perhaps one of the most important women of the twentieth century, mother, head of the royal house, head of the monarchical state and politician, loved and admired by her people.

The whole world today pays her a tribute of love and respect.

An exceptional woman who leaves an indelible historical mark, today is immortalized as a legend who ruled the United Kingdom for seven decades, dies at 96 years of age.

Her son Prince Charles of Wales ascends to the throne, who from today is the new king named Charles III, who coincidentally opened this year’s speech of the Houses of Lords, in the absence of Elizabeth, who was already suffering from health problems, her Royal Crown was present during the ceremony as a sign of representation of the monarch.

The iconic balcony of Buckingham Palace remained without the presence of Elizabeth II, the Queen will be veiled in Westminster Abbey with official acts.

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