Sobre Armandeus Salon Armandeus

Armando Benlolo

Was born in Morocco and lived his childhood in Rennes, France; being the youngest of 4 brothers, he started in the world of beauty at only 14 years of age.

Having an impeccable trajectory; during his beginnings, he worked as an assistant to a very recognized hair salon in Paris France, after some time he specialized and did advanced studies in London England, where he developed a unique technique of cuts and styling.

In year 2000, Armando Benlolo after several trips and market studies, expanded the prestigious brand of ARMANDEUS in the United States of America, and opened its doors in 2003, in the city of Doral in Miami, state of Florida. Its success was immediate! Such that the company began to develop the concept of franchising; many clients and investors were very interested in the business model of having an Armandeus Hair Salon Franchise, because of its high profitability of income. In addition of being the epicenter of socialite, luxury, glamour and fashion.

The expansion of ARMANDEUS was very fast. The Armandeus Group currently has salons throughout Miami, as well as other cities such as Orlando and Katy in Texas, with recent European expansion, also opening its doors to its distinguished clientele in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Both formed one of the best couples of hair stylists of the time in Venezuela, they were in charge of events as important for the world of fashion, and the international style as it is the beauty contest of Miss Venezuela. Likewise, they developed styles for the TV soap operas of the time that marked the pattern in Latin America and the Spanish speaking world, in addition to working directly with famous designers of the world-wide fashion and well-known like the Venezuelan Angel Sánchez.

In 1984, they opened their first beauty salon in the best shopping center of the time in Caracas, the Ciudad Tamanaco Shopping Center known by its acronym CCCT. This first salon was very successful in the demanding public of the time having an unprecedented success.

With the passage of time, the Armandeus group opened branches in Caracas in the recognized commercial area of ​​the Mercedes and in the San Ignacio Shopping Center, two of the commercial sites with better business and fashion atmosphere of the capital city.

After many years of commercial success the Armandeus Group, opened its doors in the island of Aruba, known for being the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles, demonstrating supremacy in the region in matters of beauty.

Today, Armandeus Hair Salon has a successful presence in 5 cities where people by latitude or ethnicity are mostly different in their tastes and styles, but all agree on the need to look great and be at the forefront of fashion, that’s why our concept is successful and perfectly matches any region of the planet.

Our desire as a Franchise is to keep working hard and to expand our professional products with the idea of ​​being able to solve the needs of each of our clients; we have a range of beauty products that satisfy the global market, these being for professional use and formulated with only the best formulas. We are always very focused on what our demanding clientele needs.

To this date, we are working to open our first school for stylists which we consider fundamental because we want to transmit uniformity of knowledge to all our stylists around the world.

In the Armandeus Hair Salons, we continuously seek to satisfy our diverse customers, who are mostly ladies, that is why we are always educating our staff with the new services and technology of the beauty market.

Our customers demand not only the best, but also the latest trends. We focus on being able to keep up with all the beauty brands, and we also develop beauty products. In addition, we are a fundamental part of the rigorous process of fashion and social impact.

We attend international conferences every year as well, to enable us to train and share this knowledge to our employees, the world is constantly moving and beauty is not indifferent to this evolution. We provide services such as hair surgery, Japanese hair straightening, hair extensions or avant-garde colors are always evolving. That is why it is very important to be able to provide a modern and quality service to retrain our experts in beauty; also, to know firsthand what is being developed or created by the great companies that today lead this competitive market